At WeLoveNocode we help founders create products without code. There are 60 of us and we're remote, but that doesn't stop us from benefiting each other and building a cool company together!

Right now we search for a Head of Recruitment for part-time or full-time, with whom we want to:

-Search for top candidates on linkedin, djinni
-Create the recruiting team
-Set up recruiting KPIs
-Test new channels to find candidates
-Select new hires
-Host events, increasing NPS of employees in the company

If you've done all these things, feel free to apply:) We'll get to you fast!

What you should be able to do:
-You know you need to hunt, not wait and you know how to do it
-You can/are able to generate a funnel of employees with Linkedin
-You only need a KPI and you can create your own tasks.
-Your English: fluent
-You have a successful experience of "scaling" the company. This means you have helped the company grow from X to, for example, 50X.
-You've worked for a successful 100+ person product/SaaS company and have a large candidate pipeline

In return, we offer:
-$3-6k+/month with raises and reviews
-Options on KPI achievement
-Free training in cool NoCode tools

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