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47 practical tactics to get customers and achieve hockey stick growth. Lessons that helped us grow from zero to over $100,000 MRR

Marketing for Startups

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In our eBook, you’ll find the most efficient ways to attract users — everything you need to know for delivering 10x revenues. Only practical, proven marketing hacks, suitable for early-stage startups and small businesses.

What’s inside

Getting leads by asking for feedback on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
Planning powerful GTM strategies and getting to the Top-1 on Product Hunt
Crafting engaging gated content (whitepapers, eBooks, templates)
Creating viral content, free tools, games, design goodies
Working with opinion leaders to drive your message / product / service
Maximizing WoM, referral marketing, and early adopters
Winning over paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google
Lisa Dziuba is a former Head of Marketing at Abstract SDK, a $54M funded US startup. Lisa built & led her development startup to the acquisition (Flawless App, used by Uber, Spotify, Nike, PayPal). Marketing Leader, Forbes 30 Under 30, Product Hunt Maker of the Year Runner-up, Techstars Alumni

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WeLoveNoCode is helping founders to release MVPs and validate hypotheses super fast. We are a no code development platform for a flat monthly subscription:

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Lessons that helped us grow from zero to over $100,000 MRR
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