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YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) Review: Mail Merge Add-on for Gmail

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for small businesses and brands. A well-written and designed sales email can work wonderful for your marketing strategy. 

Among other things, emails can help you to:

However, finding the perfect service or software that fits your needs (and your budget) can be tricky. Most common email marketing tools are either too clunky or too expensive. So what do you do? 

As a business owner, you really can't be expected to learn to code and build your own software, can you? That's where YAMM comes in - a simple and easy-to-use tool for sending custom mass emails. Today we will be doing a comprehensive review of this nifty mail merge tool. Let's get started!

What is YAMM?

Yet Another Mail Merge - YAMM - is a popular mail merge tool. You can find YAMM as a Chrome web extension and an add-on for Google Sheets. Working within your Gmail, YAMM helps you create personalized email campaigns

You can also use it to automate your campaign and send custom messages to multiple people.

Why do you need YAMM? 

YAMM is a simple, no-frills mail merge tool. This makes it ideal for small business owners and marketers. Email marketing not only helps you to generate leads but also to close them. In fact, emails are one of the strongest converting tools today. YAMM helps you to easily create powerful customised email marketing campaigns. 

All you have to do is click a few buttons. 

How does YAMM work?

YAMM is a no code tool. This means that you can create as many personalized emails as you want - without writing any code. 

YAMM integrates fully with your Gmail and Google Sheets and works within the platform. It automates tasks and allows you to send custom emails to multiple people. 

YAMM Features

Let's take a quick look at the features YAMM has to offer:

  • Automatic email personalization: YAMM makes personalizing your mass email a piece of cake
  • Email tracking and reports: YAMM allows you to enable performance tracking for each campaign. The best part? Your reports are automatically generated!
  • Easy scheduling: You can schedule your campaign up to a week in advance
  • Monitoring: Each email's status is automatically updated on your Google Sheets
  • Attachments: You can include as many attachments as you like

YAMM Templates

Just like other mail merge tools, YAMM also offers a vast library of YAMM templates. 
Instead of creating each email by scratch, you can simply pick from tons of pre-written email templates. This makes your job much easier. 

For added functionality, YAMM also has customizable templates for notification emails. 

YAMM Pricing

YAMM offers different pricing plans based on either individual or team use. 

Individual plans

  • Basic: Free - allows you to send up to 50 emails per day from one Gmail account. 
  • Gmail Premium: $20 per year - 400 emails per day from one Gmail account + scheduling + free tech support
  • G Suite Individual: $40 per year - 1500 emails per day from one G Suite account + scheduling + free tech support

Team plans

  • Enterprise: $240 per year - 1500 emails per day for 10 Gmail users + scheduling + free support 
  • Enterprise+: $500 per year (starting price) - 1500 emails per day for up to 100 Gmail users + scheduling + free support

Quick YAMM Tutorial

The first thing you need to do before working with YAMM is to enable it on your Gmail and Google Sheets

You can find YAMM in the 'Add-ons' menu in any Google Sheets file. 

Simply click on it and select 'Start Mail Merge'. This will open a dialogue box requesting permission for YAMM to work on your account. 

Granting permission will automatically close the box, and create a column titled Email Address.

Create your email list

Next, you need to create your custom email list in Google Sheets. YAMM will use this information to automatically send your personalized emails. 

Email list spreadsheet screenshot

You can include as many columns for details as you like, for example, 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'Gender' etc. Remember, YAMM will use these to automatically customize your emails. Make sure all spellings and capitalizations are correct. 

Draft your email

Email draft screenshot

Next, fire up your Gmail on your computer and:

  1. Leave the To field blank (YAMM will populate it automatically)
  2. To field blank (YAMM will populate it automatically)
  3. Add CC or BCC if required
  4. Type out your content
  5. Decide where you want to add personalized content from your list (names, details) 
  6. Insert the relevant column header in double braces (example: {{Name}})
  7. Exit the editor (Gmail will automatically save your message as a draft)

Send your YAMM mail merge email

To send your email: 

  1. Return to your Google Sheets document
  2. Click on YAMM in the Add-on menu
  3. Run your YAMM mail merge 

Unsubscribe link

Remember, if you are using YAMM to create and send marketing emails, you need to add an unsubscribe link

YAMM support

If you still need help, YAMM offers support for sending your first email campaign

YAMM Alternatives Quick Comparison

YAMM vs Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp is cheaper than YAMM at $10 per year for a premium account
  • Both YAMM and Mailchimp offer free trials and a basic free plan
  • YAMM is Gmail only - Mailchimp works on all email platforms
  • Mailchimp offers a few extra features such as A/B testing, auto-responses and landing page design

YAMM vs Squarespace

  • Squarespace is cheaper than YAMM at $12 per year for a premium account
  • Both YAMM and Squarespace offer free trials and a basic free plan
  • YAMM is Gmail only - Squarespace works on all email platforms
  • Squarespace offers a few extra features such as an image library, event-triggered responses and landing page design

YAMM vs Wrike

  • Wrike is cheaper than YAMM at $9.8 per year for a premium account
  • Both YAMM and Wrike offer free trials and a basic free plan
  • Wrike has very little features as compared to YAMM, offering only template management and reporting.

YAMM Review: Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use
  • Automatic email personalization
  • Works within Gmail
  • Email tracking and reports
  • Easy scheduling
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Up to 1500 emails per day 


  • Expensive as compared to other services
  • Tracking is complicated to use
  • No support for mobile
  • Gmail sending limits - limited to 1500 emails per day

Final words

Taking everything into account, we can conclude that YAMM is useful and proficient no-code tool which can be used for many purposes. However, it has a lot of good alternatives that are cheaper than YAMM. We hope you found this review informative and helpful. 

At WeLoveNoCode, we use no code tools to create innovative solutions for our customers. Our developers are proficient in YAMM and more than 100 other tools, and we would be happy to use them to implement your projects and ideas. 

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