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10 No-code Tools To Boost Your Marketing Performance

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Marketers everywhere are dependent on tech teams to get tasks done and complete projects. The tech team has the capability to build websites, analyze intricate data, create automations, etc, all of which are extremely important for a marketer.

Now, imagine all of this power shifting into the hands of the marketer without the need to write a single line of code!

That is exactly what “no code” tools are doing to revolutionize marketing technology. The lack of technical knowledge is no longer a shortcoming for marketers. Thanks to the tools and software using “no code” technique for making it possible. 

In this post, we'll walk you through a few super functional no-code tools and how marketers are leveraging them to enhance their marketing activities—so let’s dive in. 

1. Airtable 

Fundamentally, it is a very advanced version of Google sheets or any other spreadsheet tool with a lot more functionality. Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid that helps you create and organize databases with the same functionalities as a spreadsheet. 

Handling campaign management, content operations, social media planner, product launches and lead management, Airtable can be used as the one source of truth for all the marketing efforts. There are plenty of marketing airtable templates available to get you started.

2. Adalo 

Adalo is an online software that helps you build real native mobile apps, with absolutely no code. It comes with components that are the building blocks of its editor, in which you can build your application by just dragging and dropping elements. Besides the many features, Adalo is also compatible with various tools and applications, including Stripe, to accept payments.

Enabling quick development of mock ups and product pages within the app, Adalo is a marketers best friend to work on conversion optimization within the product. 

3. Bubble

With Bubble you can create and launch almost any kind of website or app, including SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs, all without code. Everything is completely customizable - from relational data to product design and everything in between.

As a marketer, bubble is a great no-code platform to build the actual product itself. Since there is no code involved, the marketing team can be closely involved in product development, design and product positioning in the market.  

4. Carrd

Carrd is a no code tool that allows you to build simple, single page, fully responsive websites. It also has options to integrate domains, payment gateways and analytics.

Creating high converting landing pages or a personal portfolio is always a time consuming marketing task. However, with Carrd, landing pages can be created in a matter of minutes, giving you more time to focus on testing them than creating them.

5. Convertkit

Convertkit is one of the most popular email marketing systems that requires no code.
It is very well known for it’s visual automation workflow builder that allows the user to sequence emails based on certain triggers and user behaviour.

The easy to use trigger based sequencing and neat automation suite, make it a great choice for email marketing campaigns. 

6. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is specifically for e-commerce businesses, helping them personalize, target, optimize, and oversee their email and social media marketing campaigns. Klaviyo has extremely powerful analytics that help you predict your customer’s interactions and behaviors.

In fact, you can even use it to predict a customer's next purchase date, determine the total amount of future spending, assess the probability of customer churn, and calculate customer lifetime value.

7. Mailchimp

This no-code email marketing tool can seem outdated, mainly if you're used to more sophisticated tools. However, many marketers still find MailChimp one of the best no-code email marketing tools. It doesn’t require any expertise or programming language. 

Mailchimp provides all of the fundamental emailing marketing features you need and landing pages and pop-ups to gather leads. It is excellent for e-commerce and offers one of the best integrations with other tools on the market.

8. Typeform

Typeform, used for creating people-friendly forms and surveys, has transformed the typical, boring standard form into an experienced tool designed for people with no programming expertise.

For a marketer, typeform is a great tool to increase engagement rates by building interactive surveys, quizzes, polls and even capture leads.  More complex features are available, such as conditional logic, which shows questions dependent on respondents’ responses.
It has plenty of integration options to connect with other tools and platforms. 

9. Webflow

One of the most favourite no-code website builders is webflow. Giving you fully customizable control over content, layout, functionality and, crucially, the design of a website, it removes the dependency on a front end developer. 

Webflow enables the marketer to quickly build a website for customers, test viral campaigns, conduct A/B testing at incredible speed of implementation. Better yet, it has the full functionality of a CMS with the option of third party integrations.

10. Zapier

Zapier is the best no-code automation tool for your marketing activities. It supports almost any program you need and provides a plethora of valuable recommendations for combining services in practical ways.

This powerful no-code tool allows you to maximize time and marketing power. For instance, social media mentions monitoring can be time consuming with low ROI, zapier does this automatically. Furthermore, it even connects these notifications to your chosen medium of communication (Slack, Ryver,Gmail, etc) to take immediate action on any bad press for the brand. The built-in digest app, even records the day's summary and sends across a daily report for efficient work planning! 

Other marketing functions such as growth support, lead tracking and management, paid campaign management, email marketing, social listening monitoring, etc can be easily integrated and automated. 

When working on a project, constantly research the market and your alternatives to ensure you're utilizing the best tool for the job.

Having discussed these top 10 no-code solutions for boosting your marketing performance, we highly recommend you to discuss and evaluate your no-code needs with us before choosing a tool that suits you best.