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5 Apps From WeLoveNoCode That You Could Build Today

Preparing to develop an app
Are you struggling for inspiration? Stuck with a small problem but just not sure on the best way to resolve it? We passionately believe that NoCode is the right choice for solving some of the biggest problems businesses have, but that doesn’t mean it cannot help with the smaller problems, the ones that ultimately could transform your entire business.

NoCode can be about continually improving your business. The speed with which you can roll out new products makes NoCode an ideal way to build these discrete projects without affecting your big development backlog. To show you exactly what we mean, we wanted to highlight how we use NoCode.

That’s right, we don’t just help you deliver projects but we do lots of them ourselves, so we thought we’d share some examples to get you thinking. Each one was built after we spotted a problem that needed solving or an idea that we knew would help us or our community.

Have a read, utilise the tools we built and maybe they will also ignite an idea in your head or help you realise an internal problem that could be solved using NoCode today. Please reach out and ask us if you have any questions or need support getting a new project off the ground.

NoCode Stack

Project goal

To build a tool that can analyse a set of data and algorithmically produce an output, in this case, to help NoCode developers decide on the tech stack they need.

Special features

Data analysis, Algorithms


Built in just 2 days, using Tilda


New NoCode platforms get released faster than failed Google social media platforms, so it is hard to keep up with the options at times. Even the most experienced NoCode practitioners (of which we humbly include ourselves) can struggle to stay on top of the options and what you should choose for a project.

As we live to help the NoCode community that we are a part of, we decided to investigate a solution to the problem and ended up building this fantastic tool to help NoCode developers and founders to choose the right NoCode tools for them and of course, we built it using a NoCode platform ourselves!

The tool is easy to use but produces a powerful output. You answer some simple questions about your activities and what you are looking to build, which allows the algorithm within the tool to work out the NoCode tools you should be using – creating your very own NoCode stack.

NoCode is already proven to save you time and money, we are just delighted we have now built a tool that makes it even quicker and easier to get started on projects, enhancing the power of the NoCode platforms.

Now imagine how this idea could work for your business. It doesn’t have to be about what NoCode stack you need, but another problem where someone could answer questions and receive example outputs to get them going. Maybe you need to help your staff find training courses that will help them or a client that is struggling with prioritising key projects.

NoCode Tutorials

Project goal

To create a platform that allows people to search and find videos, whilst giving users the ability to upload and access these videos.

Special features

Video uploading, Database connection


Built in only 1 week, using Bubble


We have a massive selection of talented and qualified developers that work in our WeLoveNoCode network and to help them we have always provided great training courses for them. We believe so much in sharing and helping educate the wider NoCode community, we wanted to share this knowledge.

The answer came to us, why not build an app that anyone to share tutorials about NoCode platforms? Imagine a tool that enables you to build a tutorial for NoCode tools, well imagine no more because we have built it.

We have built a single place for hundreds, hopefully soon to be thousands, of free tutorials, posted by us and other dedicated NoCode fanatics. We started it all off by putting up loads of tutorials that we use for our developers that we know will benefit your teams.

The variety of tutorials is incredible. You’ll find instructions on how to use small parts of an app (for example, how to implement custom states in your bubble account) or maybe how to combine two platforms for a more powerful solution, like combining Airtable and Google Drive to automatically create and move folders.

We think this is a great example that any business can use to help with internal education, maybe even save a lot of cost on buying a platform to do the same. More importantly, it shows how you can use NoCode solutions for smaller internal business projects, remember they are not just for building big, one-off development projects.

Screenshot of the NoCode tutorial app

WeLoveNoCode Community

Project goal

Build an application that has the ability to manage users and give access to post information for others to respond to.

Special features

Forum / posting, Signup / login functionality, Subject search


Built in just under 9 days, using Bubble


The NoCode community of developers and founders is an amazing one. So vibrant and diverse, full of intelligent people that built some of the most exciting products on the web. We love this group so much we wanted to find a place where we could all meet and talk – we wanted a social network for NoCoders.

But we looked around and couldn’t find a place fitting for this community. Rather than sit and sulk, we decided we’d build it ourselves! A place to all meet and interact with our fellow NoCoders! Our goal was to build a place where people can discuss, learn and unite with other great NoCode developers.

We’d love it if you came along to check it out, you’ll see how you can build engaging and powerful tools using NoCode and you also get to meet your fellow NoCode enthusiasts. Talk to them, ask them questions and maybe help someone that’s stuck on a problem or just looking for inspiration on their latest project.

It’s the perfect place to meet other NoCode members and it’s a perfect example of a project built on NoCode that you might build for an internal purpose or as a great little upsell project for a client.

Projects Marketplace

Project goal

Create an app that allows a user to upload different packages and give people the ability to purchase, including full payment.

Special features

Management of different users, Sales cart function, Stripe payments


Built over 2 weeks, using Bubble


At WeLoveNoCode, we allow anyone to build an amazing product at pace and for a fraction of the cost of traditional development. We are proud of the flexibility we allow our clients, letting them choose the hours they want and control spend.
However, we listened to our great customers and many said they liked to have a fixed spend, with a known output, so we put our thinking caps on and came up with an industry first, a marketplace for NoCode projects.
We wanted a place where anyone with an idea could go and find a package that would turn their idea into reality. You can choose a CRM system being built or maybe an Android container. Some of our most popular packages are building a single landing page right through to an entire mobile app.
We always live the brand, so of course, we built this using NoCode, this time we focused on bubble.io, as we love the options it gives us. Whilst it is an incredibly powerful app, it is something that you could do yourself or very easily find the right people through WeLoveNoCode to deliver this for you in 10% of the time of traditional development.
If you have a problem like this or an idea that you think this sort of development would be ideal for, start to think about how we can help you.

Screenshot of NoCode marketplace

NoCode Job Board

Project goal

Build a function that allows users to upload roles that are searchable by keywords and respond to roles as a logged-in user.

Special features

Connected database, Signup / login functionality, Ability to search


Built in just 6 days, using Bubble


We love developers that believe in the NoCode approach, of course we do! We also believe that they should all be able to get jobs in the NoCode sector. In addition, as a fast-growing business ourselves, we’ve always got new jobs we needed to fill.

Therefore we decided to build a place to make that happen and the NoCode job board was born. This is the place where we put all our open roles, but it’s also the perfect place for you to hire people in the NoCode community. List any roles you have and get them in front of the best developers in the world.

It is also another example of how easy it is to build a product using NoCode tools, just take an idea, choose the right platform and you can build a solution in no time and for very little cost.

Think about the little problems that would benefit from a simple product solution within your business. Would they make you more efficient? Could they increase your chances of getting that next client or hiring the right candidate? If the answer is yes, then building that product on a NoCode solution is the answer and we have the people that can help you make this happen.

Log in to your account today and see how our teams of experts can help drive your business forward, one project at a time.

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