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Kajabi Review: pros and cons, alternatives & pricing

Is Kajabi worth the hype and dime?

When it comes to online course platforms, Kajabi has gained the spotlight because of its pricey nature. Everyone raises an eyebrow and wonders how it gathered so many guts to cost so high.
This article would give an in-depth review of its features and what it offers in comparison with similar competitive platforms, then you are left to decide if it is worth the hype and the money.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an online class platform that helps users enhance their knowledge-sharing careers using only one site. It does everything from creating, promoting, selling, and marketing. It is an integrated platform that allows you to stay on the platform without seeking a third party for whatever you may need.

Who Kajabi is built for?

It is built for entrepreneurs who want to coach. Kajabi provides everything they need to sell their product. It simplifies the rather complex process of managing an online business without learning how to code. Tech challenges for non-tech solopreneurs have become a thing of the past. Simple tools are provided to turn your ideas and soft skill into a unique tangible digital product and offer it up for sale.

Features of Kajabi

Integrated subscription courses, and digital products

Kajabi brings your idea to life. You can make a product through customization and packaging.
kajabi interface

Kajabi integrations

You can work with the software you already use. Through the use of Zapier, some built-in integrations help you connect to over 500 apps. This makes your workflow seamless. Your favorite tools work well with Kajabi

Everything in one place

Everything you need to launch and grow your business is in one forum. A single online platform that can host your website, landing pages, connect your website to a CRM, email marketing and analytics. 

Get paid on your terms

There is an integrated payment processor with the option of Paypal or Stripe on Kajabi. You only have to set up a payment processor and select the kind of payment you want.

Beautiful emails now faster than ever

Kajabi offers flexible email options. You can decide on a one-time email or automated emails. You can segment customers to know where they are in the buyer journey. It has an email suite that enables you to send broadcasts, create drafts, schedule emails, create sequences, set up a string to go out when you want them to.

The fastest way to create a fully integrated page

With Kajabi, You don't waste time designing. There is no need for plugins or getting an email service provider. You can add tools you already use. Go to settings, and click third-party integrations.

Automations you would use and enjoy

Automations help you follow up on customers. 
You can direct customers to a new email campaign series if they haven't purchased any of your products. This will help pre-sell them into buying another product in the future. There is also the automation for abandoned carts. Emails can be set to send a reminder to customers about their forgotten actions. 

Track your leads like a real business

Kajabi helps you create a sales pipeline. There is also a lead generation page to collect and sell leads.

Website builder

Kajabi website builder has 4 sections design, landing pages, blog, and analytics and they all come with templates and outstanding customization features.
kajabi website builder
It's super easy to create your website. It doesn't matter if you are not tech-savvy. All you need to do is pick a theme from the options provided or upload your theme and install it with just the click of a button. You can create a layout yourself by arranging the sections however you like it using the navigation section. 
You can customize with,
  • text format,
  • videos
  • image overlays  
  • Spacing elements on the web page
  • You can align and delete whatever you want. 
There are pop-ups and two-step opt-ins when building your site. You can redirect URLs for thank you pages, progress bars, and more.

Tweaking settings

Kajabi provides a site branding setting that can be used to make changes on each page. You can customize your logo, favicon, course instructor, page scripts, and even integrate disqus. You can set typography, customize message colors, offer a password reset recovery as well as add a unique background. 

Stand-alone pages and landing pages

Kajabi adds this feature to help build your audience. It helps you,
  • create landing pages 
  • collect data
  • capture leads
  • convert visitors
  • create opt-ins 
  • provide supporting materials and create sales pages for your digital products 
Through navigation menus and call to action buttons, you can connect all landing pages to your website 

Creating your blog

Click setup and go to 'my blog setting'. You can now add a page title, description, and image, then save the set-up. Another good thing is, you can optimize your posts for search engines, upload a video of 4GB (max size) and add tags to group your posts. Posts can be left unpublished or set to be published on a later date.

Diving into analytics

There is no marketing without analytics and Kajabi offers tons and tons of it.
  • Analyze business metrics to help you know how much you are earning.
  • Analyze recurring revenue through net revenue metrics.
  • Helps you know how many people are subscribing through the subscription metrics. 
  • Opt-ins help you find out people are leaving or engaging and where they are engaging.
  • Product progress and affiliate metrics help you find out the performance of a product and help you see affiliates' stats and commission.
kajabi analytics

Custom domains even with a free plan

You can use a unique brand domain to rollout your course. You should already have a registered domain to be able to do this. Once you do, you only need to connect your domain to Kajabi using Cloudflare.
Now, let's delve into comparing other competitive products that can serve as alternative online course platforms.

Kajabi vs Teachable 

On Teachable, You can add videos and quizzes to courses, drip the content of your courses, create certificates natively and deliver content through a course player. But you can't build a community natively and there are not enough course player designs. Page builders offer limited editing options. For instance, there are no themes to work with. There are no sales funnel and landing pages to automate email marketing as well. Teachable is Strictly for creating and delivering courses.

Kajabi vs Thinkific

Thinkfic can host content including videos. It offers other basic features like content drip and content locking. Other things you can do on Thinkific includes,
  • create advanced quizzes 
  • issue certificates to your students and 
  • create a community within. 
  • Has a site builder that offers a bunch of themes and can create sales pages easily. 
But it lacks provision for sales and marketing and only offers a one-course player theme. This makes it impossible to build funnels or automate emails. Another drawback is their checkout process. It doesn't help with conversion nor creating leads.
Kajabi on the other hand, offers everything Thinkfic offers including a sales and marketing service.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels 

Both platforms provide easy-to-use website builders with a lot of templates. Clickfunnels like kajabi have the following,
  • basic membership builder 
  • marketing automation capabilities. 
  • email marketing systems. 
It's impossible to build a regular website or blog with clickfunnels(what you get is a sales funnel website) but with Kajabi you can get a fully functional website alongside a blog.
While Clickfunnels deals in digital and physical products and with all kinds of users, Kajabi is strictly for course content creators and digital products.
In addition,Kajabi has a mobile app and unlimited video hosting with Wistia. 

Kajabi vs Kartra

Katra is an all-in-one marketing platform with membership site creation capabilities. Katra and Kajabi are similar in the following areas
  • Offer templates for landing pages and checkout pages. 
  • Build pages and offer email automation with inbuilt video marketing and scheduling tools. 
  • Can build a website and host content.
The major difference is in their funnel builder. Katra doesn’t offer a visual funnel builder or editor. Kajabi visual funnel editor makes it easy to create an effective sales pipeline. There are also no site themes or blogging features on Katra.

Kajabi pricing overview


For beginners. It's a good way to start with a minimum product and grow from there. Goes for $149 monthly and $1788 yearly. ($350 discount)


Offers a monthly plan of $119 and $2388 yearly ($480 discount). For entrepreneurs looking to improve business sales and double down on their marketing efforts.


This is for people who already have a successful 6-figure business but want to scale further. It goes for $399 monthly and $3828 yearly….over $960 discount.

There's a 14 day free trial with card details.

Kajabi customer service

They are terrific at this. Kajabi offers 24/7 live chat support. Customers can reach out via chat.
There are tutorials to help you navigate the platform. All you need to do is search what you need help with at the bar and it shows you the relevant tutorials on the topic.
Kajabi customer service

Creators are also rewarded if they have reached certain revenue goals. They are given perks and incentives.
There is also a user community on Facebook that is engaging. You can get answers to questions from fellow course creators and network with them.

Vibrant community 

You don’t need to set up groups outside Kajabi. You can create a community in your product on the same platform You can also create a member forum. No need for third parties

Kajabi University

It provides all the information you need for your digital business. It includes a Bootcamp, business essential, and how-to series.

Kajabi pros and cons


  1.  A highly integrated platform that features a lot of tools
  2.  Customer-centric service
  3.  User friendly
  4.  No extra charge from sales you make
  5. Has more available customizable themes
  6. Good email marketing and CRM tools
  7. Mobile app option


  • More expensive
  • Can't create certificates
  • Limited customization ability

The outstanding difference of Kajabi isn't just about the price but more about the value-added function it offers that makes it an all-in-one platform. So we may conclude that even at a relatively expensive price, Kajobi is worthy of the attention It gets.

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