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Welcome to the Revolution. NoCode is Improving Development More Than Agile Ever Did

Where once Agile development took over from the Waterfall approach, making everything better, NoCode development is about to do the same.

But this time it is replacing all traditional methods of development, by removing the requirement of coding from the development process. The game has changed and all progressive organisations are starting to take notice and build it into their strategy.

Where once a CTO wouldn’t be caught without a strong Agile methodology running through his department, soon the same will be said about NoCode. You won’t be able to justify to your board why you are not including some form of NoCode development in your strategy.

Remember when board meetings were full of directors saying that they needed a ‘digital strategy’. Well, it’s now full of senior management asking what our ‘NoCode strategy’ is.

Make no mistake, the development industry was revolutionised by the introduction of the Agile methodology. In the increasingly demanding development world, with requirements becoming more complex and the need for speed always growing, a new solution was required.

Using the concept of ‘continuous delivery’ Agile was bought in for the first time.  It allowed for a change of mindset from what was achievable compared to the outdated Waterfall methodology.

The NoCode Revolution

Guess what? The world has got more complex again.

Most will be familiar with Moore’s Law. That the number of transistors would double roughly every two years. This pace of computing power and consumer needs has led to an increased need for speed of development.

So the world needs its new Agile moment. The change to the industry that will allow companies to keep up with the pace of change. That revolution exists already and is starting to take centre stage.

The revolution is dramatically reducing the cost of development because it can take 90% off the time it takes to develop. A study by GoodFirms Research showed that 60% of all projects using traditional development methods takes 4-6 months to deliver a project

By using NoCode platforms, these can be delivered in a matter of weeks – this is the biggest step-change in development speed and the advantage it gives a business since the computer was first introduced.

The combined ability to complete projects so much faster and to have less expensive developers work on that project, has led to the cost of delivering projects being reduced.

So much so, that it opens up starting a new business to a much wider group of people. Thousands of potential founders around the world will now be able to start companies that previously would have been put off by the magnitude and cost of software development in the old world.

Time To Take Advantage

But the advantage is not just for new start-ups, because introducing this new world into an established business enables it to get a clear advantage over its competitors.

“We used to live in a world where no one got fired for choosing Microsoft, that will soon apply to NoCode”

Every CTO that’s in touch with the trends happening in modern software development will need to be close to the evolving world of NoCode development. Keeping up to date with who the new bubble.io is going to be, will become as important as the latest language or software package was in the past.

However, finding these people that understand the modern NoCode tools will be a million percent easier than the same process of finding experts in every new development language.

It means that the barrier to entry of expensive or unicorn developers is removed. You’ll be able to train the people already inside the business very quickly on the new tool. You can maintain continuity in the business and have the opportunity to grow at a much faster pace.

In the cutthroat modern business world, NoCode is becoming an advantage you cannot afford to miss out on. Let’s understand why NoCode is such a step forward from where we have been.

The Parallels To How Agile Changed The Industry

If we work through the benefits of Agile compared to the legacy practice of Waterfall development, you will start to see these benefits in NoCode and how it is providing improvements above and beyond the traditional development approach.

Where once Agile development bought evolution from Waterfall, NoCode brings revolution to those same changes.

  1. Empowerment
  2. Time to Market
  3. Greater Creativity


Agile is often cited as changing the impact the overall team could have on the development process. As a method, it allowed for cross-functional teamwork and empowered them to deliver what is required.

NoCode allows the same involvement but empowers even more people in the business to help deliver this. Because coding is not a barrier, meaning everyone gets a look in. But this is not just about having an opinion during the development process, as Agile allowed, but actually contribute directly.

If anyone has an idea, then in NoCode you can immediately go in and see what impact that change would deliver. The empowering feeling this generates encourages people to get involved more, surely good for any business.

The whole business bought into the development process – no more silos!

Time To Market

Undeniably, the one thing everyone says about Agile and why it was brought in to replace the Waterfall approach, is that it enables you to get a version of the product to market faster.

It is the idea of a minimum viable product, of getting something out quickly and testing it – rinse and repeat.

Imagine taking that concept and turning the volume up to ten? Because that is what NoCode development is bringing to the party. Think about how the process works right now and then what it looks like in a NoCode environment.

By making it possible for the person with the idea or change request to go in and make the alteration, you are dramatically speeding up the development process.

By combining this with the ease of use of the tools, no lengthy hours coding, reviewing and testing the code, then you start to see why NoCode is changing the face of development forever. And why your speed to market is a game-changer for any business.

Greater Creativity

Linked to this idea, allowing those with ideas access to make quick changes themselves, comes an ability to be more creative. One key benefit of Agile over Waterfall was that it allowed product owners to suggest small and frequent changes during the development process.

With NoCode this is also possible but without the need to send these requests over to the developer.

In businesses embracing the NoCode approach, this has led to an upswing in the creative process because more invention has been enabled. Where anyone can quickly test out a theory, creativity thrives.

The ability to make mistakes and quickly change is vital in creative development.

Too often ideas are held back because it is assumed they will slow down the speed to market, but when that hurdle has been removed, more experimentation will occur and experimentation leads to a better product.

Where Agile Fails, NoCode Exceeds

What is potentially even more exciting about the NoCode approach is when you look at the weaknesses of the Agile approach – because NoCode fixes these weaknesses. It has magnified the benefits of Agile and removed its failings…

  1. Times are unpredictable
  2. Product owner involvement
  3. Documentation

Timelines Are Unpredictable

When discussing Agile, the biggest complaint from business founders and owners is consistent – “I never know when I’ll actually get this product”. Whilst this is a slightly dramatic and misguided view, it is fair to say that the Agile methodology is about seeing what can be completed in a period of time rather than setting deadlines for a completed product.

Purists don’t like being told to deliver X, Y and Z by this exact date. Instead, they have a 2-week sprint and we see what comes out at the end.

This makes it very hard for a business to plan and you then end up building in a buffer to timelines, losing some of the speed benefits that Agile was bought in to deliver.

No more. NoCode platforms are a known entity.

You have the speed benefits already discussed, combined with the knowledge of how long it takes to use the tools to build a product. Less testing of code is needed, fewer mistakes are made and thus, more controllable timelines are possible!

Product Owner Involvement

So many reviews of the problems with Agile centre on having to get the product owner or sponsor involved in the project. This often comes because they don’t understand what is happening in the project and it frustrates the scrum team.

This is where NoCode can make the difference.

The phrase ‘citizen developer’ was first coined by Gartner in 2012, to explain that we are all developers now and this is at the heart of why product owners no longer block up the development pipeline. They can now be a function of releasing the pressure.

With Agile, the developer has to stop the process, go and explain the problem to someone that doesn’t understand the code, waste time discussing various ideas that probably are not possible and then eventually settle on a change, before getting back into the coding process.

This pointless process can be removed. Now, a developer spots a problem, shows the product owner the problem, they experiment live in the tool and agree on the plan. Suddenly, one of the weaknesses of the Agile methodology, at least to developers, has been permanently removed.


Whilst it is a myth that Agile development doesn’t produce documentation, it is fair to say the process does make it easier for teams to undercook this area.

One of the goals of the switch from Waterfall to Agile was to not waste time on over documentation. This was fast becoming one of the burdens overcomplicating development.

The beauty of a NoCode approach is you are not burdened by having to document in detail, as Waterfall encourages, because the platforms themselves are already well documented and easy to use.

You have more information about how to make future changes than if you followed a pure Agile method.

You are focused on how you’ve used a particular function rather than having to explain exactly how that original function was developed. This simplifies the collaboration process and thus makes the documentation more natural and quicker.

Becoming As Common As The Phone Bill

All the evidence above points towards NoCode become a staple of any modern business, something you cannot afford to live without. In the future, one wonders if it becomes as common on a business budget as a phone line or your internet costs.

Regardless of the type of platform you choose to use, every business will have some form of NoCode within their company. It starts to become about the types of platforms that you need. We remove the debate away from ‘If’, into ‘What’.

Soon we won’t be talking about the benefits of NoCode and if it is a competitor to traditional methods. This discussion will flip and be about how can you possibly afford not to have it. That the businesses that haven’t embraced it are getting left behind.

So rather than become a technology dinosaur, it’s time to embrace the NoCode revolution and you can start today by looking at the many low-cost options and build a first, small project.

Maybe something that adds a little efficiency to your business, a new invoicing system maybe or staff attendance tracker, and once you’ve begun the journey, I promise, you will never turn back.

Go and look now at the options available to you.