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How to Cut Custom Development Costs with No-Code in 2021

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Looking for ways to satisfy potential users' demands with a software app, you may find yourself at a crossroads. There’s a no-code approach that lets you launch an app fast, with minimum expenses than time-costly custom software development method for scalable, massive minimum viable product development.

In this article you will learn how to reduce the cost of custom development of your product with No-Code.

Here, you’ll get acquainted with both methods, their difference and deliverables, as well as compare costs in no-code vs custom software development.

A Brief Intro to No-code and Custom Development Methods

No-code vs custom development: find out what exactly hides behind these definitions :

Custom software development with code

Custom development means that the engineering team works on a unique piece of software for your business or individual use specifically. The engineers develop code from scratch, using popular programming languages and their extension as their key tools. Engineers are not the only specialists involved in the process.

Typically, the team consists of 6+ employees who work on a product from a discovery stage to its successful launch and further maintenance.

Here’s how the typical app development team looks like:

  • Business analyst - Responsible for market research and analysis;
  • UI/UX designer - Who creates the app’s design and mockups, builds relations between different app’s screens etc;
  • Front-end engineer - Who deals with user interface development;
  • Back-end engineer -  Involved in server-side development, or a part of app users cannot view or access;
  • Test engineer -  Who makes sure that design and functionality meets the customer’s requirements;
  • Project manager - Who coordinates the work of an entire team.

This option is perfect for large corporations or startups with initial investments. However, custom development is a short road to failure for bootstrapped businesses or entrepreneurs who focus on testing the concept.

The Good :

  • The powerful, skilled team delivers a high-quality product;
  • You can scale and customize it according to market demands.

The Bad :

  • Minimum viable product development takes 6+ months.
  • Depending on team size and location, the price fluctuates between $30,000-150,000.

Cut development costs with No-code

There’s another method to achieve your goals. It’s a no-code software development approach.

Here, the key role belongs to a no-code development platform. These platforms are booming: the market demands simple, intuitive tools for fast and effortless software development. That’s when no-code comes into play. The research predicts its growth: by 2025, the market will reach more than $45 billion.

A typical no-code development platform provides you with a set of drag-and-drop tools to build an app. Thus, no matter if you have any previous engineering experience or not, you can easily create a product by just putting certain components on a screen.

No code, no software bugs or unpredicted issues; just a ready-made app.

Instead of hiring an entire development team and diving into months of costly work, you can start cooperation with a no-code development agency in one click and get your app done in a week.

“The future of software is no code”. Disrupting technology serves multiple needs:

  • Large companies and enterprises can test new ideas fast, with no need to distract their IT departments from critical tasks;

  • Small teams and startups can get a proof of concept in a matter of days, with a minimal budget.

The Good :

  • No-code saves you time as it allows building an app in 40+ hours, with no coding skills;

  • The product price starts at $1,000.

The bad: 

  • The no-code approach allows building simple, small apps only with poor customization features;

  • Security issues may emerge.

5 Main Differences Between No-code vs Custom Software Development

Increase your awareness and consider key differences between no-code and custom development :

The right choice depends on your goal, market demands, and budget.

Choose custom development, if :

  • You have already tested the concept and made sure that the target audience needs your product;

  • You’ve raised the initial investments and can safely invest $30,000+ in an app during at least six months of work;

  • You expect your app to grow rapidly and prioritize customization and scalability features.

Go for no-code development, if:

  • It is critical for you to launch a simple MVP, collect users’ feedback and show investors you are worth their attention as quickly as possible;

  • You would like to test a potentially viable concept for an established business or a startup;

  • Your budget is tight.

The right choice at the starting point will save you from a collapse in future. So choose wisely and build an awesome product.